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What Is The Most Afraid Of Outdoor Leisure Umbrella?
- Sep 27, 2017 -

After the summer, the role of outdoor leisure umbrella appears again, it is in summer people live, work, social activities indispensable home supplies, in meeting the needs of people's lives and leisure entertainment, but also for people to bring visual beauty, but many people use outdoor furniture do not know they also have some "fear".

Folding Sunshade products using iron pipe and aluminum tube support, in the installation process should pay attention to light, as far as possible to avoid bump or local force is too large and damaged, while the awning and Sun Umbrella is designed for outdoor sun shading, but not really used for Typhoon shelter, therefore, in the windy and rainy weather should try to avoid the use, if the top cloth has water, should be removed in time to avoid long-term damage to the umbrella shelf.