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What Is The Difference Between An Outdoors Banana Umbrella And The Rome Umbrella ?
- Nov 28, 2017 -

Outdoor umbrella

The parachute is the most common and most used type of sunshade. The most common parachute is 2.4 meters high in umbrella height and 2.4 for the diameter of the umbrella. The umbrella rod of the sun umbrella is usually two sections, when used, the two sections are set together and fixed by the buckle in the middle. The biggest controversy over the parachute is the price. Now there are sixty or seventy yuan sunumbrellas and more than 100 umbrellas in the market, and the price is determined by the quality of the sun umbrellas, regardless of the situation of false quotations. The umbrella cloth is an important factor in the price of the umbrella cloth with nylon cloth, acrylic cloth and other types, and umbrella cloth with a material also has an different number of differences, including high-end outdoor sunshade with polyester cloth, polyester cloth and the thickness of the sun and rain proof function the stronger; followed by a single umbrella, sun umbrella shares have doubled, and double cross structure, and so on, materials and processes are not the same. So, when you buy and customize the sun umbrella, you should be as clear as possible for your requirements and the materials made by the producers.

Banana umbrella

The banana parachute is named after its contraction, like a banana. The banana umbrella is also a kind of side column umbrella. The area under the umbrella is wide. It can set tables and chairs at will. The biggest feature of banana umbrella is its elegant appearance, mostly used for leisure occasions. Now many occasions can also be seen. The parachute umbrella is also useful for banana umbrellas. Some banana umbrellas can also be rotated. With the direction of the sun's incident, the umbrella head can be rotated and the effect of sun shading is good.

Side column umbrella

The side parachute is a milestone in the history of the development of sunshade. The umbrella rod of the umbrella is moved from the traditional middle to the edge. As a result, the side of the side parachute can be placed under any table and chair, rather than the traditional straight parachute that has to drill a hole on the table to use. The skeleton of the side column umbrella is usually hard aluminum alloy.

The most common side parachute is used in the guard box, because the space under its umbrella is very large. The guard can receive full protection under the doorway. Many scenic spots also use this kind of side column umbrella as a tool for people to enjoy the cool. It is often seen in the park and in the community.