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What Are The Characteristics Of The Sunshade Tent?
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Dimming can be adjusted: Shading network can be based on their own requirements, optional replacement adjustable.

Large span: In the middle without any pillar support, the span can reach more than 20 meters, according to market demand type, the main push width of 15 meters and 20 meters two.

Anti-Wind: top shading Network ventilation, not a ride, wind damage to the structure of small.

No need to build: the bottom and the pool in conjunction with floating-type support, no need to build a platform.

Easy to store: After use, the valve will be screwed open gas clean, surface drying treatment, simple folding preservation can be, no regular maintenance.

Economic durability: Only the equivalent of One-fourth of the metal frame structure cost, the normal service life of up to 5 years.