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Large Outdoor Sun Umbrella Cleaning Small Coup
- Sep 27, 2017 -

If you must choose Brush Brush, first for outdoor sunshade to do a cleaning liquid, cleaning liquid as long as white vinegar and detergent can be, need to pay attention to the choice is not to contain alkali detergent, but also to remind everyone is that the brush when the vertical brush along the umbrella, and the direction to maintain the same, can not be a longitudinal brush, a will be transverse brush, That will destroy the sun visor sunscreen, and we choose not to contain alkali detergent, but also because such detergent can not only wash off the stains on the umbrella, but also do not harm the sun umbrella sunscreen layer.

White vinegar, so that the fabric of the umbrella to maintain the original luster, coupled with a blend of detergent and white vinegar 40 degrees of warm water, decontamination effect is not said, will be the surface of the umbrella after the Brush bowl, we still have to clean with water, must thoroughly wash, otherwise the umbrella dry, the surface will leave the traces of detergent, it is difficult to see.

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