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How To Choose Outdoor Umbrella ?
- Nov 25, 2017 -

1, umbrella column unilateral independent, with 100% of the space utilization.

2, the precise design of transmission mechanism and pulley system, a person can easily open and fold.

3, beautiful and beautiful, and water tank umbrella seat, enough to withstand the wind below 5.

4, the main body and seat separation design, without any tool can be convenient to separate or combination of the two, moving and handling is very easy.

5, umbrella cloth can be easily removed, easy to clean.

Unique appearance, fashion design, the overall shape, beautiful structure, clear lines, can give people a sense of feast for the eyes. The applicable scope of various leisure venues, cafes, villa garden, terrace, tea, sitting outdoors, lawn, beach, bar street, commercial street, the property, the lake fishing friends, barbecue, best sunshade, travel supplies, it is your ideal choice for leisure beach, you can become a beautiful house a beautiful landscape.

Columbo big umbrella


Round aluminum alloy Rome umbrella surface can rotate at 360 degree


If you want to buy a high performance price umbrella, you can consider the rotary umbrella. The 360 degree rotating umbrella is the most powerful umbrella of all umbrellas. It has a unique shape and a fashionable design. The overall shape is beautiful and the lines are clear, which can give people a sense of feast for the eyes. The two folding pattern, the umbrella body can be rotated 360 degrees in the horizontal position in the vertical direction, can rotate 90 degrees, lifting the foot pedal rotation, tilt, operation more simple, a person can easily open and close.