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How To Choose Outdoor Sunshade Umbrella ?
- Nov 18, 2017 -

We must first understand the sunshade sunshade in species, species are divided into column umbrella and umbrella side column, column umbrella as the name suggests is the umbrella column in the middle, middle column column aluminum umbrella, wooden umbrella, umbrella, umbrella hand qingtian. The side column umbrella is next to the umbrella column, which is divided into single umbrella, Rome umbrella, 360 degree rotating umbrella, banana umbrella, bow umbrella, luxurious wooden umbrella. There are high-end solar powered umbrellas.

In the purchase of outdoor umbrellas, according to their surrounding environment and design style, the best choice of aluminum alloy material, because the umbrella will not rust outdoors, the last is to choose their own umbrellas.

The first thing to look at your surroundings, the place is not a lot of time, the middle of the table can be inserted sunshade, then you can choose in the whole Aluminum Alloy column aluminum umbrella, umbrella, pull close, very convenient.

Square pulling rope type middle column umbrella


If you place enough, and want to buy strong wind resistance umbrella, umbrella can choose, which is characterized in that the umbrella column unilateral independence, with 100% space utilization. It avoids the trouble and embarrassment of the traditional sunshade in the use of the perforation on the table. This umbrella can be customized, printable advertising, very convenient to move, wind resistance is relatively strong. It's perfect for coffee shops and bars.