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Effect Of Sun shading Umbrella On Sunscreen Quality
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Open the umbrella before, the first left and right shake, the umbrella, umbrella bone shaking loose, the umbrella bone, umbrella handle flat, and then slowly open the umbrella surface, this can prevent the broken umbrella, and the umbrella face off.

When the rain meets windy days, should try to avoid the use of ordinary umbrellas, or the umbrella bone is very easy to break.

After the use of umbrellas, do not bring water folding up, should open the umbrella, put in the ventilation, dry place dry, and then close the umbrella, if the umbrella surface contaminated with mud, first with a little detergent cleaning, and then dry to collect.

Do not put the umbrella on the lime wall, do not use the umbrella to pick things, do not use the umbrella as a cane, do not put the umbrella under the sun exposure.