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Your best choice of YUXI sunshade
- Feb 25, 2018 -

The scorching sun, the sweltering heat, makes most people stay indoors. To be afraid of summer sunshine and to enjoy outdoor space. Special anti UV functional awning with its shade cloth. It not only make human body skin from UV rays, and greatly prolong the service life of the interior decoration and furniture etc., because the awning has a cloth covered flower type, color rich and colorful, so that the user can choose according to the way by everyone love.

The design of YUXI awning is based on the high standard design concept, combined with the specifications of fabrics that are not fading, rainproof, windbreak and windbreak, to create a high-quality sunshade for sun and sun. YUXI awning is novel and unique, not only economical and practical, but also more beautiful. In summer, the sun shading of Babylon will protect you from the sun and drink the cold and frost. It is enough to allow you to enjoy the summer.

YUXI awning according to the production of human art design and professional, uphold the principle of "human nature" and "novel" and "unique" principle, to create a natural and simple design style, for the user in the leisure life in YUXI, by virtue of the awning simple, lean, practical features, to create a new generation of the awning products for users. Focus on the quality of life for the users!

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