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Tips for parasols
- Aug 20, 2018 -

The umbrella surface is the key to measuring the UV protection effect. 1. Cotton, silk and nylon fabrics are not as good as polyester; 2. Some umbrella fabrics are thin and sparse, it is best to choose fabrics tight; 3. Satin fabrics are best, then twill, plain weave; 4. Umbrella should be large Should not be small; 5. The darker the fabric, the better. Experts suggest that when picking an umbrella, you may wish to open the umbrella to see the shadow on the ground. The shadow is dark and good. There is also a parasol on the market, which is coated with a layer of silver glue to block UV rays. According to the introduction of professionals, the protective effect of silver rubber surface is good, but it is easy to turn black after sun exposure. In fact, the silver glue coating does not affect the sun protection effect inside or outside. It is best to choose silver glue inside, not easy to fall off. . I often hear about the business introduction. Most of the parasols now have UV radiation protection. The price is mainly due to different brands. Is this really the case? Experts revealed that a qualified UV protection umbrella needs special coating treatment. Even with the most common fabrics, many cheap umbrellas can only block part of the sunlight, let alone UV protection. According to the international standard in "Assessment of UV Protection Performance of Textiles", when the fabric UPF (UV protection coefficient) value is greater than 30 and the transmittance is less than 5%, it can be called "UV protection product". Experts advise that rainwater has a corrosive effect on the sunscreen coating. In order to maintain the sun protection performance of the umbrella, it must be separated from the umbrella. If the umbrella surface is dirty, you can use a soft brush to wash the water gently, but not by hand, and not too often, otherwise it will affect the sunscreen effect. The material of the umbrella will affect the UV-blocking effect: like general light transmittance or lace material, the UV resistance is poor. Choose an umbrella that is black or dark, thicker in cloth, and light-transparent, to have an anti-UV effect.