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The scope of application of Rome umbrella
- Dec 13, 2017 -

A variety of leisure venues, cafes, villa garden, terrace, tea, sitting outdoors, lawn, beach, bar street, commercial street, the property, the lake fishing friends, barbecue, best sunshade, travel supplies, it is your ideal choice for leisure beach, you can become a beautiful house beautiful scenery.

Roman umbrella is the most powerful outdoor umbrellas in a paragraph, you can rotate a horizontal direction for a week, you can tilt 90 degrees in the vertical direction. With Roman umbrella shade, is the most creative on the Chinese market the most relaxing shading. The area under the umbrella is wide, and outdoor furniture can be placed casually; the direction of the umbrella surface can be freely rotated, and the sunshine can be easily blocked. Compared with other umbrellas, Roman umbrellas shade better, easier to operate. Rome umbrella is controlled by the handle rotation and lifting, saving more peace of mind.