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The difference between sun umbrellas and clear umbrellas
- Oct 24, 2017 -

The umbrella umbrella cloth mainly includes sand cloth, silver adhesive tape, pearl adhesive tape, T/C cloth, color weaving cloth, Pang Shousi and other fabrics. In general, the sun umbrella with UV protective coating umbrella surface will be higher, such as pearl tape umbrella surface. Umbrella with light weight of material.

The biggest difference of sun umbrella, sunshade umbrella and clear umbrella is in function: the main function of umbrella is to prevent wind and rain, and the main function of sun umbrella is sun protection, ultraviolet protection, and protect skin health. The difference between an umbrella and sunshade is made of materials and production process: General umbrella cloth design is mainly considered waterproof, sun umbrella design is mainly anti ultraviolet material, and fine workmanship, there are a lot of beautiful embroidery printing design.

In addition, the general clear umbrella has two functions: sunny umbrella = umbrella + umbrella, but under general circumstances, shading effect is slightly weak, sunscreen effect is general. If the rainy season is more, the use of sunny umbrella; if it is arid areas, you can use professional umbrella.