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Style and specifications of Rome umbrella
- Nov 30, 2017 -


Rome umbrella style unique design, quite fashion design, the overall shape of beautiful structure, clear lines, can give a sense of appreciation.


The best polyester fabric is used in Rome umbrella cloth. Research shows that the thickness of the cloth is thinner than that of the umbrella.

The anti ultraviolet performance is good, general, poor anti UV effect of cotton, silk, nylon, rayon fabrics, polyester and polyester fabric has good, waterproof, sunscreen, do not fade, anti UV ability, a variety of colors including green umbrella cloth, wine red, white, blue, blue, brown, deep orange, yellow, green and so on, and the umbrella with shiny color is more beautiful and lively. The umbrella surface can be made by logo and its design. It is very vivid and clear. It is a good carrier for outdoor advertising.

Umbrella umbrella bracket

Rome umbrella frame support structure with high strength Aluminum Alloy extension building, good performance, strong wind resistance, hard is not easy to break, or caused by the extrusion deformation, surface electrostatic spraying, can not easily fade, exposed to the weather, affecting the appearance.

Qualified parameters

Standard parachute: 75*55mm

Standard pull rod: 25*40mm

Standard skew: 25*40mm

Standard umbrella: 15*25mm