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Rome umbrella style
- Dec 04, 2017 -

The umbrella seat

The umbrella seat of Rome is a special large water tank base. It is 16KG before water injection, 110KG after water injection, 86 * 86 * 20CM specifications, the design of main body and seat combination makes it more stable. The high cost of traditional marble base transport damaged, heavy use is not convenient, easy to knock hurt water chestnut. Our water tank base is 16KG, transport and use are very convenient, compression anti falling and anti aging, corners are arc design, will not knock.

The umbrella body

In addition to straight rod umbrella common, Rome and the two folding umbrella, the umbrella body can be rotated 360 degrees in the horizontal position in the vertical direction, can rotate 90 degrees, hence the name, design of transmission mechanism system of precision, hand or foot pedal rotation, lifting tilt, operation more simple, a person can easily open and close.


Rome umbrella is mainly divided into four sections, respectively, the square big Rome umbrella, the border length is 3 meters; the round big Rome umbrella,

Square (rice white)

Square (rice white)

The diameter is 3.5 meters; the square small Rome umbrella, the border length is 2.5 meters; the round small Rome umbrella is 3 meters in diameter. The umbrella column unilateral independence, under the umbrella of the space has been fully square. Rome umbrella can be customized biparietal styles, add a top wind, better permeability, strong wind resistance.

Because of the above features, the Rome umbrella has been given a better opportunity to display in the sun umbrella Market.

Rome umbrella style is novel, the work is exquisite, the quality is fine, the product is made by the technology of Italy. Rome umbrellas are suitable for setting up outdoor places such as villas, gardens, courtyards, swimming pools, squares, tea gardens, sentries and entertainment places for shading and rain. They are also good advertising carriers.