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Outdoor Umbrellas by appearance classification
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Single-layer sunshade umbrella: umbrella cloth is generally 8 polyester fabric (polyester fabric has a good waterproof anti-ultraviolet function), the umbrella is hardwood or aluminum alloy, the base is the material is composite material, the general weight for one. 5kg.

Medium-column Double parasol umbrella: Some double umbrella and single layer of the same material, just above the top of the umbrella to add a layer, both beautiful, breathable ventilation.

One-sided umbrella: Four umbrella, umbrella cloth for Yaslib (Yaslib and polyester cloth, all have a good waterproof anti-ultraviolet function) umbrella bone aluminum alloy, the base is generally marble, weight of 40kg.

One-sided umbrella: This umbrella is the same as the square umbrella, only eight sides of the umbrella surface, from the appearance of the round.

Banana Hanging Umbrella: The umbrella cloth is 8 polyester cloth, the umbrella bone is the iron frame, the base is crosses, or the marble, the marble base general weight is 40kg, because its appearance looks like hangs in the air general, therefore is called the banana hanging umbrella.