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Outdoor umbrella precautions
- Aug 30, 2018 -

1. Take care when loading and unloading outdoor umbrellas. Don't lose weight.

2. When the code is placed, it should be erected and not stacked, in case the cloth top is accidentally crushed and torn.

3. Before using the outdoor parasol, check that the screws on the cross tube are tightened.

4. When any outdoor bracket is found to be bent or deformed, it should be stopped immediately for maintenance, and the operation can be continued after troubleshooting.

5. When the outdoor parasol is used for outdoor display operation, special attention should be paid to wind protection. When the watcher temporarily leaves, the outdoor parasol should be lowered to the bottom. That is: the inner leg is retracted into the outer leg to effectively prevent the wind. Destruction.

6. When several outdoor parasols are operated in tandem, the outdoor parasol legs that are adjacent to the outdoor parasols and the outdoor parasols should be tied with a cable tie or rope to make it a whole to enhance its wind resistance.

7. Do not wrap the tape when the two outdoor parasol legs are bundled, otherwise the residue of the tape will seriously affect the up and down sliding of the sleeve on the outdoor parasol.

8. Outdoor umbrellas are connected by a number of steel pipes. Even if you are broken, you can find replacement parts by local dealers, which is easy to repair.