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Outdoor awning
- Dec 20, 2017 -

Outdoor sun shading can keep sunlight and heat out of the window. The effect of sun shading is superior and the style is fresh.

Outdoor sunshade, awning series can be divided into series, tent series, sunshade series, fixed awning series, combined ceiling tent, tent, hood series combination Aluminum Alloy.

The awning series can be divided into a curved awning, a canopy and a window canopy.


Quick installation, light and durable, easy to carry.


Exhibitions and sales, celebrations and gatherings, open-air banquets, tourism, disaster relief and disaster relief, field work.

Scope of application

Retail, purchase and leasing business.

Choose and purchase accessories

Half cloth, curtain cloth, fence PVC transparent curtain cloth.


2M x 2M; 2M x 3M; 2M x 4M;

2.5M x 2.5M; 2.5M x 3.75M; 2.5M x 5M;

3M x 3M; 3M x 4.5M; 3M x 6M.