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More safe and convenient use of sunshade
- Dec 25, 2017 -

The external shading function of the sun shading can completely prevent the radiation of ultraviolet rays, reduce the indoor temperature and reduce the load of the air conditioning. Thus the effect of energy saving is achieved. According to statistics, the comparison of sunshade and sun shenhouses in windows can save electricity for refrigeration. The installation of sunshade system in offices, high-rise buildings, schools and public places and other large areas of windows has great significance from the perspective of energy conservation and environmental protection. Sun shading is not only used in daytime for sun shading, but still can be used in sunshade at night. After nightfall or one family invited a few friends to tea, drink in his yard, if the expansion awning can create an atmosphere of warm and romantic.

In order to make users more safe and convenient use of awning, we will have some new technology application in the awning, such as wind, light, rain sensor, wind in the environment than the awning can withstand the wind, the wind sensor system will automatically play the awning back; when the sun went down the light sensor control system will automatically recover the crank arm awning; when it rains, users do not have to worry about the awning damaged by heavy rain, rain sensing system will make the crank arm awning automatically recover the sunshade eliminates the user to worry about bad weather damaged the menace from the rear sunshade.