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It is ideal for your leisure sunshade
- Aug 25, 2018 -

1. The umbrella column is unilaterally independent and has 100% space utilization.

2. The precision designed transmission mechanism and pulley system can be easily opened and closed by one person.

3, beautiful and beautiful, and the tank umbrella seat, enough to withstand the wind below level 5.

4, the main body and seat separate design, without any tools can easily separate or combine the two, moving and handling is very easy.

5, umbrella cloth can be easily removed, easy to clean.

Appearance Unique shape, stylish design, the overall shape of the structure is beautiful, the lines are distinct, can give people a sense of pleasing to the eye. Scope of application: various leisure places, cafes, villa gardens, terraces, tea sitting, lawns, outdoor, beach, bar street, commercial street, gatekeeper property, lake fishing, friends gathering barbecue, best shade, travel goods, it It is the ideal choice for your leisure sunshade, and it can also be a beautiful scenery for your beautiful house.