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How to clean the umbrella
- Sep 04, 2018 -

If it is not necessary. Do not clean the sun umbrella. If you must clean it, it is best to wash the umbrella surface with water. Try not to get the water on the umbrella stand to avoid rusting the umbrella frame. In fact, the best way is not to buy a light umbrella, so you don't have to pay for it. And I heard that the dark umbrella anti-UV function is better than the light umbrella!

Make a cleaning solution for the umbrella. As long as the cleaning solution is white vinegar and detergent, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of detergent without alkali. Prepare a disposable paper cup. The material is ready and the work begins immediately. The first is the detergent on the field, the detergent into the disposable paper cup, as long as the detergent has not passed the bottom of the paper cup. Next is white vinegar, pour a half cup of white vinegar into the cup. Remember that it is half a cup, and the other half will be filled with warm water of about 40 degrees. Pour 40 degrees of warm water into the cup. The warm water is for white vinegar and detergent. With warm water, they can fully integrate and the power can be stronger. To prepare the detergent, we can use a brush to wash the umbrella and brush the umbrella. Also remind everyone that when brushing, you should brush along the longitudinal direction of the umbrella frame, and the direction should be consistent. You can't use the brush for a while, and then brush it horizontally. That will destroy the sunscreen of the umbrella. In addition, we choose detergents that do not contain alkali, because such detergents not only wash off the stains on the umbrella, but also do not harm the sunscreen of the umbrella. White vinegar can keep the original fabric of this umbrella fabric, plus 40 degrees of warm water to adjust the detergent and white vinegar, the effect of decontamination is not to say. After brushing the surface of the umbrella, we also need to wash it with water.

Remember, you must wash it thoroughly. Otherwise, the surface will leave traces of detergent after the umbrella is dried. It is difficult to see. Next, put the cleaned umbrella in a cool place to dry. Contrast, the effect is obvious. Of course, our method is not omnipotent. If the surface of your umbrella is a fluorescent layer, this method will destroy the fluorescent layer on the surface of the umbrella, thus affecting the sunscreen of the umbrella.

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