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How to choose a sun umbrella
- Sep 27, 2017 -

In the purchase time, we can pay attention to the product logo above should be clearly marked ' anti-ultraviolet. In addition, there is a technical index, usually we call the occlusion rate that is UPF, this value is better than equals 40, its ultraviolet transmittance should be less than or equal to 5%. ”

According to the state of the "Textile Anti-ultraviolet Performance evaluation" provisions, only when the Sun umbrella fabric UPF (UV protection coefficient) value of more than 30, and T (Long-wave Ultraviolet) transmittance of less than 5%, the sun umbrella can be called "Anti-ultraviolet products." If the "sun umbrella" tag is only labeled Anti-ultraviolet, there is no standard coefficient, this kind of umbrella is not known as "Anti-ultraviolet products", its anti-ultraviolet function is also questionable.

We are in the purchase of the Sun umbrella, a lot of attention is the beautiful appearance, but the beautiful is not the sun umbrella, here the Sun umbrella factory to remind everyone must go to the regular shop to buy, do not infatuated with the appearance.