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How to choose a sun umbrella
- Sep 27, 2017 -

1. First of all, we should from the sunscreen index, sunscreen fabric, determine the quality of the umbrella, now there is a kind of imitation silk fabric plus a layer of transparent UV glue, can make the sunshade has a good anti-ultraviolet function, while not due to climate change and affect the collection and opening of umbrellas.

2. Second, when buying a sun umbrella, you must carefully see the light rate, because the sun umbrella is used under strong light, the human eye is very important, the high transmittance of the Sun umbrella, will make people feel very uncomfortable.

3. The sun umbrella is consumable, usually lasts for 6 months each year, can be used for approximately two years, its sunscreen effect will be weakened, the choice of umbrellas to be targeted, want to look good, to choose a pure parasol; the firmness of the umbrella is an important quality judgment standard of the sun umbrella. When you buy, you can open the umbrella, Grasp the handle of the umbrella, the left and right to scrape, check the umbrella frame is not dangling, whether strong and reliable.