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Have you chosen a pair of parasols
- Aug 16, 2018 -

Although the sunshine in the early autumn is less of a summer's edge, the fiery and sinister sun has not been alleviated. Even if the weather turns cold, of course, the sunscreen cannot be relaxed. Sun protection umbrellas are not bought correctly, and they may do "useless work". These umbrellas have poor sun protection effects.

      Cheap umbrellas, umbrella materials are generally made of polyester and other materials, which have thermal conductivity. The long-term use will increase the temperature of the small space under the umbrella surface. It is recommended to use a parasol made of natural materials such as cotton, hemp, and enamel. The principle is still very simple. The color we are talking about is actually complementary. That is, when we absorb the color of a part of white light, the color of the remaining light is the color we present. The darker the color, the higher the broad spectrum of light absorption, the more light, red or blue, including ultraviolet light, will be absorbed. The deeper the color, the more UV absorption. In the light color of the umbrella surface, it is easy to let the ultraviolet light pass through, that is, it is processed by anti-UV, but his effect is not too good. I still recommend dark umbrellas such as black.

     A lighter umbrella on the inside. Many people will ignore the inside of the umbrella. In fact, direct sunlight ultraviolet rays, the sun's ultraviolet rays reflected from the local surface will also hurt the skin. Therefore, it is also black to choose the inside of the umbrella or as long as it is a dark umbrella. From the perspective of the effect of the sunshade and the anti-ultraviolet effect, it is best to use a double-layer umbrella umbrella to use the space between the two layers of fabric to achieve the real effect of heat insulation, so that the temperature of the umbrella is not easy to improve, and the skin can be protected. The double-layer fabric filters the UV effect much better than the single-layer fabric.