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Brief introduction and function of Rome umbrella
- Nov 29, 2017 -

Rome umbrella belongs to the side of the umbrella, but it and the ordinary umbrella than it is characteristic of umbrella in front of large inclination, under the umbrella of the area is large, it is because of this, the overall structure of Rome umbrella firm with Aluminum Alloy material skeleton, the overall design revealed a simple style atmosphere. Rome umbrella umbrella cloth with thick dense cloth, incomparable shading effect, umbrella cloth and umbrella revealed sworn domineering all blend into one harmonious whole, exactly alike and luxury temperament.

Advertising use: corporate outdoors advertising.

Sunshade as a modern novel advertising carrier, with mobility, bright color and good visual effect, the pattern design is not restricted by the structure, advantages of arbitrary choice and beautiful and durable, quality and benefit, become an important form of corporate advertising, sunshade with other forms of advertising can not be compared the advantage of:

1, the liquidity is big: where the umbrella has the advantage of where the advertisement is.

2, the price of material beauty is modest: the sun umbrella has the advantages of low cost of advertising, fast manufacturing process and deep impression of consumers.

3, the practical use is wide: sunshade umbrella has the shade of cloudy day, rainy day to avoid rain, the function of sunny day shading, is a kind of daily necessities for men and women, young and old.

4, the time of advertising is long: the long life of the umbrella is long, and it can carry on the long term advertising to the enterprise. It is a reliable way of advertising.

It can be printed on both sides, four sides and eight sides. The image is vivid and clear and never fade. It is the best gift to give gifts to relatives and friends, festival celebrations and advertising promotion.