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Advantages of middle Pillar umbrella seat
- Sep 27, 2017 -

1. Environmental protection: The use of cement to improve the production of composite materials, to overcome the iron umbrella block rust pollution environment and overcome the stone umbrella contains the human carcinogen radioactive substances, this product is more popular with customers;

2. The appearance of diverse styles, modeling the United States high-grade, more artistic: imitation copper, imitation iron, imitation wood, natural stone meters, natural color stone, etc., more suitable for advanced guesthouses, villas, public places and other outdoor use;

3. Durability: Under the normal use of this product, can be used for decades, more durable than iron, plastic umbrella seat;

4. Economic benefits: In the price than iron, plastic umbrella more affordable, affordable to customers.

5. To save the National iron ore energy, more suitable for product development.